Design Challenge – Project Vest

When a building is under construction, it is our job as architects to walk the construction site on a regular basis to verify the work aligns with our intent.  Construction sites can be a dangerous environment so we are required to wear the same safety gear as any on site worker: a hard hat, safety glasses and a high visibility construction vest.  The construction vest is made to wear over your clothing and comes in unisex sizes, but let’s be honest, unisex really just means men’s clothing cuts that don’t properly fit the woman’s physique.  

On a woman’s frame, particularly on a smaller woman, the oversized, boxy vests make it difficult to project a professional image on the construction site. In them we look more like children role playing in our father’s work clothing.

WIA SLC decided to extend a challenge to our members to redesign the construction vest for women.  The final submissions ranged from impressive to fashionable to  whimsical to thoughtful.

The event aligned with Salt Lake Design Week 2014, and the final vests were on display at Publik Coffee.

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