Women in Architecture SLC operates toward a singular goal: gender parity in the field of architecture. We work to obtain that goal through three core strategies:


WIA SLC provides a network that builds and supports the local community of women in the field of architecture. Studies show that women make up nearly fifty percent of architecture students nationally.  Once out of school the percentage of women drops significantly in the professional firms, limiting the number of mentors and examples of successful women architects that can be found in a firm.  Beyond this the competitive culture of architecture makes it very difficult to meet and socialize with women of other firms. WIA helps to bring these women together through social events, lectures, seminars and volunteer opportunities.


WIA fosters mentoring opportunities between the emerging generation of women architects and the established women professionals. These relationships serve to reinforce both groups; they provide essential networking opportunities for the mentees and reinvigorate the passion of the mentors.


Over the past ten years statistics show that the number of women in the field of architecture are either stagnant or, in some years, actually have dropped. As architects we have a profound influence over our communities and built environment. When over fifty percent of the population is not represented in the design of our built environment it is a problem for all of us. WIA SLC is committed to engaging the management of our local firms and community, educating them on the value of a diverse workforce and encouraging them to invest in their women professionals.

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