NCARB Lottery

Women In Architecture SLC (WIA SLC) works to support, mentor and advocate
for women in the profession of architecture. One of our primary goals is to bolster the number of women who gain licensure.

Statistics show that despite the gender balance of graduates coming out of architecture schools being nearly 50/50, less than 20% of licensed architects are women. Therefore, in the five to ten year period it takes to get licensed roughly 60% of women leave the profession. What a sad impact for our community to lose so many professionals that have both the talent and passion for architecture.

In an effort to target this issue specifically WIA SLC has started an initiative to strip away one of the barriers preventing women interns from taking their licensing exams through their NCARB Lottery.

The money won in the lottery comes with no strings attached other than they must take one of the seven required exams within a six month period. The money can be used for the exam fee itself, or for any associated expense such as study material, a babysitter to get
time to study, or whatever they need to help take the test.

Since starting this initiative WIA SLC has awarded sixteen exams to testing interns. As this program grows we hope it will begin to change the statistics and we will start to see more and more women moving up through the profession that we love.


Click on the following link to see an image gallery of past winners: NCARB Lottery Winners


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