WIA 2017 Partini

Friday, August 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Church and State
370 South 300 East
Salt Lake City


We will have music, drinks and small bites along with the NCARB Lottery and Firm of the Year Award.

The cost is $35 per person until August 18, and $40 per person thereafter. Interns can purchase tickets at the discounted rate of $25 per person.
Sign up for the complimentary on-site child care! Email Women in Architecture for a reservation and more information.

We are so grateful to have such a generous and supportive community.Thank You to our Sponsors for your ongoing support of Women in Architecture!

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Design Challenge – Project Sunnyvale



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Design Challenge – Project Vest

When a building is under construction, it is our job as architects to walk the construction site on a regular basis to verify the work aligns with our intent.  Construction sites can be a dangerous environment so we are required to wear the same safety gear as any on site worker: a hard hat, safety glasses and a high visibility construction vest.  The construction vest is made to wear over your clothing and comes in unisex sizes, but let’s be honest, unisex really just means men’s clothing cuts that don’t properly fit the woman’s physique.  

On a woman’s frame, particularly on a smaller woman, the oversized, boxy vests make it difficult to project a professional image on the construction site. In them we look more like children role playing in our father’s work clothing.

WIA SLC decided to extend a challenge to our members to redesign the construction vest for women.  The final submissions ranged from impressive to fashionable to  whimsical to thoughtful.

The event aligned with Salt Lake Design Week 2014, and the final vests were on display at Publik Coffee.

PechaKucha Night

Join us for our annual WIA curated PechaKucha Night (20 slides x 20 seconds). We have a fantastic line up this year that will leave you feeling inspired. This event will take place in Salt Lake at the State Room, 638 South and State Street. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Doors open at 7PM
Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at the door.
Get your tickets here: http://www.thestateroom.com/calendar/pkn-vol20

Listed below is the line up for the evening:
JENNIFER NAPIER-PEARCE – Editor at the Salt Lake Tribune
MADISON OLSEN – U.S. Freestyle Aerial Ski Team Member
TEAM WEST – 2016 WIA Design Competition Winner
DIANE KAYEMBE – WIA Scholarship Award Winner 
LAURA BILLINGSLEY – Welder / Crane Operator
JESSICA CHAPPELL – Structural Engineer
EMILY ELLSWORTH – Former Republican Congressional Staff Member
MISTY DAWSON – Director of Operations
MAGGIE WILLIS – Artist, Teacher, Renaissance Woman 

KATHY WHEADON – Architect, Principal CRSA

MARY JEPPSON – Violinist


WIA Movie Night

WIA is kicking off 2017 with two events in January!

Join us in a co-hosted movie night with the Utah Film Center, Tuesday January 3rd, 7pm at the Salt Lake Public Library in the Nancy Tessman Auditorium.  We will be showing a free screening of Making Spaces: 5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture.


A documentary film, captures the compelling stories and outstanding designs of Annabelle Selldorf (NY), Farshid Moussavi (London), Odile Decq (Paris), Marianne McKenna (Toronto), and Kathryn Gustafson (Seattle & London). Without script or narration, each woman tells her own story, enhanced by the insights of commentators including Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Paul Goldberger; MoMA’s Peter Reed and Paola Antonelli; and others. Meryl Streep makes a special guest appearance.

Also in January we will be hosting a New Year Brunch.  Save the date for January 7th at 10am.  Details will be going out later this week!

NCARB Lottery Winners

Bellow are pictures of past winners.  To read more about our ARE sponsorship please click on the following link:  NCARB Lottery

Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Women In Architecture SLC is hosting a forum to discuss unconscious gender bias in the workplace. This forum is an opportunity for us to come together and discuss the challenging situations we may face in the workplace and discuss strategies to overcome these obstacles and work toward gender parity in the workplace.

WIA Forum: Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
Friday, November 18, 2016
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Salt Lake City Library, Room 4, 4th Floor

We have an amazing moderator and presenter, Kyl Myers, a sociologist at the University of Utah specializing in population and health. Specifically, Kyl studies gender and sexuality, and access to family planning services.

This event will include a brief presentation on unconscious gender bias before we break out into groups to discuss challenges and opportunities to address these biases.
This event is open to the public, so please invite your co-workers, family and friends. We can all benefit from an open conversation about unconscious biases.
See you there!

WIA Partini : closing the gap


Join us for our annual celebration and fundraiser for Women In Architecture SLC. Expect drinks, small bites, silent auction, test giveaway, and more. We are honored to have such a wonderful community and are so excited for this event.


August 26th 6:00pm


Pierpont Place, 163 West Pierpont Ave


$35 – Purchase tickets at eventbrite.com 

Below, is the band that will be playing at the event.



In our ongoing efforts to support women architects we would like to make it easier for you to attend the Partini.  We have arranged complimentary child care for children ages 18months – 10 years old.  Local Girl Scout Troop AWESOME, and their adult troop leaders, have volunteered to watch your children.  We have some fun activities, snacks and a movie arranged.  Special thanks to VCBO Architecture for allowing us to use their library for the evening.

Location: VCBO Architecture, 524 South 600 East

Drop off: 6pm
Pick up: no later than 10pm
Activities and snacks will be provided.
You must email us to RSVP with the names and ages of your children, no later than August 22nd.

2016 Design Challenge – Interactive Installation


Salt Lake County and women in Architecture SLC are launching the 2016 design/build project to connect architects and designers with Sunnyvale’s youth to create a more vibrant, livable Sunnyvale neighborhood by:
(1) Designing and building a park installation that celebrates the importance of youth outdoor activity and community identity.
(2)Engaging in educational sessions for the “Girls in Design” after school program as part of the design competition schedule.

The Sunnyvale community is interested in enhancing youth refugee engagement through an activity they love: soccer. The design team is to propose a temporary installation that can foster, engage and enhance youth activity in the park. A community survey indicated a desire for flexible spectator seating, a dynamic stage, coaching stations, a practice wall, relevant landscape features or a reinvented goal post. The proposed design schemes could incorporate any or all of these ideas, or be something completely unique.

Please click on links below for the submission deadline, important dates, and information.





There is no limitation on the number of team members, nor any requirement for professional background. The team must have at least one female participant.
Registration fee:
$20 per team due upon submission
$4000. Payment will be made 50% award /50% completion.

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WIA – PechaKucha Night 2016

March 2016, WIA was proud to host another successful PK night and we were all the better for having attended. For those sadly not in attendance, let me catch you up:
What is a PK Night you ask? Well, PK is an abbreviation for PechaKucha. What is a PechaKucha Night you ask? A PechaKucha  Night is full of presenters with a design presentation format where each presenter, no matter the discipline, is allowed to have 20 slides at 20 seconds each. No stopping, no going back. So for six minutes and forty seconds, the presenter gets to captivate you with a subject they really care about. The brilliance of these presentations is by end of almost seven minutes, you really do care about their subject, even if you had no interest in it before. It just happens. I can’t tell you why, but I can tell you that you really should get out to a PK and experience it for yourself.
For the third year in a row the wonderful women of WIA planned an incredible line up of presenters. The night began with a look into the life of women who have participated in and lived the life of Design Build Bluff. This non-profit organization started by Hank Louis and run with the University of Utah Masters of Architecture program builds homes for families on the Navajo reservation. It gives students a hands on experience of what it takes to design and build a home for a client. The program began in 2000 and women from almost every year (over 25 women) showed up to share, for 20 seconds, what that program meant to their education and their careers.
Virginia Pearce, the Utah Film Commissioner, spoke about film being dead. With the way technology is headed and the ability of each person to create film in their own way, is the film industry on it’s way out? “I don’t even think it is sick,” stated Pearce. Film has changed greatly in the last decade, but that is what makes it so exciting. We are the future of film.
Amanda Bordelon, a civil engineer and professor in the field, says C is for concrete. She spends most of her day in a lab cooking concrete trying to help students understand what it is made of, how it works, and most importantly how and why it fails. Amanda has always had a love for how things are built and her most recent research is on smog eating concrete. Maybe with Amanda in our state, the horizon might be looking a bit more clear.
Sofia Gorder claims many titles in her life, but shared with us the roles of dancer, creator and educator, and gave PK night a first. While Sofia shared with us her thoughts on how arts and education are intertwined, her friend, Larissa, performed an interpretive dance. The two aspects combined was mesmerizing making us all consider education and how it will shape and move the future.
Lauren Barros, who is a family rights attorney, took us on a journey with a same-sex couple trying to become a family. Most people think of lawyers as not having a creative outlet, but she spoke of how being creative with the interpretation of the law is exactly how she helps couples overcome the hurdles of the government to make sure families stay together.
Curtis Miller, a student and mathematician has recently focused his research on the gender wage gap. He painted a picture of what it means specifically for Utah, which has the fourth largest wage gap in the country. With his estimates it will be 2087 before Utah can level the playing field. Curtis believes the only way out of this is to make it easier for women to obtain an education.
As we headed into intermission, Whitney Ward, the newest member of the WIA Board of Directors, shared what has been going on with WIA for the last year and told us it is a story in the making. They announced a new design challenge, Project Sunnyvale, and added three more recipients to the WIA NCARB Lottery.
Jennifer Plumb is an ER physician who shared her experience working with opioid substance addiction and the importance of using Naloxone. This is a drug used to prevent, reduce and reverse the effects of opioid abuse and is now legal in the state of Utah. With this move, lives will be saved.
Angela Dean, an architect and principle at AMD Architecture, took us on a tour of their newest project, Treasures of the Rain Forest at Tracy Aviary. She spoke of their effort to recreate the sensory experience of the rain forest, complete with rain storms, while providing a showcase piece for the aviary and creating the perfect environment for so many birds.
Luisa Whittaker-Brooks is a scientist researching nanostructural materials in hope of finding a new energy source. She is determined to find a way to use all of the wasted heat energy for good by generating electricity from our own body heat. She has a goal to figure things out in the next seven years, but with an attitude like hers I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it sooner than later.
Esther Gubbay, an architecture student, gave us a bit of life advice when she spoke of her life in other countries and cultures. She said our differences are what unite us and we should get to know those who make us feel uncomfortable. Her outlook on life is there is value, reason and purpose in who we are and we shouldn’t be afraid to share that with the world.
Maria Vyas, was surprised to hear so many people clap for her. As a transportation planner she doesn’t get as warm of a welcome when she talks of the only way to solve traffic congestion is to stop building more roads. We need to plan for a shorter time span and be more versatile in our transportation strategies if we ever want to see anything change.
To end the evening, we spent a few moments with the great Pat Bagley, the editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune. He shared with us a history of editorial cartoons in Utah, pointing out many of the quirks that make this state what it is. And who better to present to than a PK audience. There is no doubt of the love for Salt Lake in that room.
The lineup was perfect, the presentations were on point and we each walked away having learned something new. I can only say one thing, WIA please don’t ever stop hosting PK nights!